SportFreeze 1500MG




Quick deep penetration and relief of sore muscles, arthritis, back pain and strain from workouts.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Aminomethyl propanol balances the pH
  • Arnica Montana, considered to be anti-inflammatory, is most famously used to treat bruisings.
  • Boswella Serrata Extract has anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Hemp Extract is a skin conditioning emollient representing a class of diverse chemical compounds naturally occurring in cannabis sativa plants. Contains no THC.
  • Carbomer, viscosity controlling and emulsion stabilising, converts a liquid into a gel that also feels nice and non-tacky on the skin.
  • Glycerin, skin-identical ingredient and moisturizer/humectant, a totally natural ingredient that’s also in the outermost layer of our skin and helps our skin to cling onto water. High-glycerin moisturizers are awesome for treating severely dry skin.
  • Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, known as Yerba Mate, is an herb traditionally used to treat depression, and as an analgesic to manage both nerve pain and headache.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol controls the viscosity.
  • Propylene Glycol a solvent, humectant and to some extent a penetration enhancer
  • Methylparaben, preservative, effective and well-tolerated ingredient to make sure the formula does not go wrong too soon. 
  • Purified Water, the most common skincare ingredient of all, is mainly a solvent for ingredients that do not dissolve in oils. 
  • Zeodent a cleaning agent to achieve desired cleaning performance. 


INGREDIENTS: Amino Methyl Propanol, Arnica Montana, Boswella Serrata Extract, Cannabinoid Hemp Extract, Carbomer, Glycerin USP, LLIEX Paraguariensis Extract, Isopropyl Alcohol USP, Propylene Glycol USP, Methyl Paraben, Purified Water, Zeodent. CONTAINS NO THC

INSTRUCTIONS: SHAKE, SQUEEZE & ROLLRoll the product onto the affected area in a circular motion. Use 1-3 passes per application. Do not use on open wounds, thin skin areas or sensitive skin. Use up to 4 times a day as desired. Lasts 4-6 hours.