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Dr. Jack's CBD® Lux Lotion
Infused with Grapefruit & Mint
Advanced Formula
1 oz/ 30ml

Dr. Jack’s CBD® Lux Lotion is designed to enrich, nourish, moisturize, protect and condition skin. May reduce fine lines, increase skin growth and improve your skin's overall health. Dramatic skin hydration. Designed for anti-aging to help tighten skin. Grapefruit and mint essential oils nurture and promote cell  growth and structure. Helps activate your endocannabinoid system and may increase bio-activity (the growth of our living tissue). Beautify!

Ingredients: Mango Seed Butter and Olive Wax, Cannabidiol Hemp Extract, Vitamin E, Rice Proteins, Aloe, White Tea Extract, Calendula, Chamomile, Grapefruit Extract, Peppermint Oil, Orange Oil, Oat Betaglucan, Terpene Limonene, Terpene Myrcene.

Knowing your goals helps you determine which product and dose of CBD is best for you. Usage is based on your general health, age, stress level, body weight and other perspectives.

Non GMO • Certified Organic
Third Party Batch Tested • FDA Registered Manufacturing
Highest Level Manufacturing Practices