Testimonials for Dr. Jack's CBD products

OMG! I tried the bath bombs and it's amazing. No more sore feet!

xoxo Julia


The most relaxing and sensual experience I've had in a while. I'm a fan for life!

- Kelly (Bath bomb user)


I had pain in my shoulder and couldn't turn my head to the left. Richie applied X-Freeze on the spot and within minutes I was able to turn my neck and return to full rotation. Amazing!

- Darren Winston


Thank you!
When my craft my art my livelihood was what i thought coming to an end. I play guitar and am a craftsman. My passion is bringing old guitars back to life.
I have done that for more than 25 years in Cleveland Ohio.
CLEVELAND is home to the Rock and Roll hall of fame.
Vintage guitars are woven into the fabric of Cleveland.
With my hands arthritic and painfully hard to move,i applied Dr. Jack’s CBD x freeze and 
Used tinctures topically.
Relief in 5 mins! Amazed.
I have had miraculous results and these products are part of my life now. I am back in business!
Cleveland Ohio  

“ I get massages regularly 
Total Body Therapy is so relaxing and relieving
of muscle aches and pain.
I am a Dancer and hard on my body.
Love Love Love this great new product.
A fan for sure.
Thank You!“
- Perri Davis, Las Vegas, NV

“I tried all of the body products and 
all were great.  X- Freeze worked so well and I love 
the effect of Total Body Therapy, great scent too.
Body Butter was silky and not greasy and worked fast on neck pain.“
- Tauer Hooker, Henderson, NV

“The Body Butter was so smooth and soft and smells fantastic.
It worked so great on my neck pain. “
I loved it!
- Alist Jurist, Chester, NJ

“It was like a present tingle effect on my body.
Total Body Therapy is exactly what I experienced.  Delightful.“
- Gustovo Kamero, Chino Hills, CA
“I am a CDB user and tested Dr. Jack’s Full Spectrum products. 
They taste was full and rich and I could feel the strength as an experienced user. 
Great Products!“
- Louis Barrett, Henderson, NV

“I loved X-freeze. relief in 2 mins
amazing product!“
- Ann Stern, Nampa, ID
“I tried a few of these products and 
quality is fantastic. Total Body Therapy is so cool.
The Full spectrum was my favorite.“
- Jannie G, Las Vegas
“I loved X-Freexe
I used it for chest pain from a work out. 
It worked great and super fast.
Customer service was great too.“
- Miguel Hernandez, Reno, NV
“I tried the tincture 1000mg
This is what I use from a competitor. 
I think Dr. Jack’s is better and say all the certifications.”
- Michael Fried
“..I use Dr. Jack’s CBD X-FREEZE on my back and it worked within 5 minutes and did not feel the pain afterward. I recommend it to people  with back problems.”- George E.,CA


“My son David uses CBD X-FREEZE on his knee and the pain goes away within minutes. After two surgeries, he always had pain before, so I recommend this product.”

- David H., CA


X-Freeze helped with the worst migraine I ever had!

- Emily Schupp